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Global competition demands plants with the maximum level of automation and availability combined with minimum maintenance and repair outlay. Security is hereby a key competitive factor and one with utmost priority. Other key factors include a long service life and the lowest possible power consumption – combined of course with compliance with highest environmental standards and requirements. More complex plants and rapidly changing technologies place highest demands on the signal inversion and signal transmission, the connection system and the power management.

With Weidmüller as your long-standing and experienced process industry partner, you can be sure of:

  • Application-specific solutions with high futureproofness in which investment protection and process reliability are to the fore
  • Secure power, signal and data transmission for maximum plant availability and efficiency in the system
  • Support in complying with environmental and safety standards, as well as power management


All this makes us your competence partner for networked solutions in the panel and process technology, as well as for the safe and efficient operation of process plants.