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Technology Partner

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Keeping the customer at the centre of our concern, we remain attentive to the right combinations of technologies, architectures and products.

We have already built up a network of innovative technology partners that diversify our portfolio so that it both works today and is best suited for future industry requirements. Weidmüller is thus building on a broad network of technology partners to simplify the path to digitalisation for our customers.

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Selected Technology Partner

Siemens Industrial Edge

Industrial Edge is an open software platform from Siemens that ensures that IT in manufacturing is simple, scalable and easy to control. Out-of-the-box applications, software and devices enable higher productivity and new business opportunities. Weidmüller is part of the Siemens Industrial Edge ecosystem.

In the Industrial Edge Marketplace , we are contributing PROCON-WEB ES, a future-proof and flexible web-based HMI that enables easy and intuitive creation of HMI solutions. PROCON-WEB ES is oriented towards the needs of users and is easy to operate.

In the case of the Industrial Edge Devices , our Weidmüller EDGE Devices with u-OS are a contribution to the ecosystem. The uc20-M3000 and uc20-M4000, for example, combine the possibilities of Automation and the Industrial IoT in one device. They are expandable and offer a web-based system structure with access to the Weidmüller software landscape and partner networks such as Siemens Industrial Edge.


CODESYS is the leading manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software for application development in industrial automation. Over almost three decades, CODESYS has established itself on the market as an integrated development environment.

CODESYS is seamlessly integrated into the Weidmüller u-OS ecosystem. The highlight here is that u-OS internally uses a CODESYS Control SL runtime system that is super easy to use and can be deployed immediately after release.

And users can look forward to easy use of Weidmüller u-OS devices such as the u-control controller in CODESYS, with access to the complete CODESYS ecosystem. In line with our promise to make u-OS open for the future.

ctrlX World

ctrlX AUTOMATION overcomes the classic boundaries between machine control, the IT world and the Internet of Things. Weidmüller is part of the ctrlX World of Bosch Rexroth. With PROCON-WEB ES, we are contributing a future-proof and flexible web-based HMI for ctrlX AUTOMATION. The use of modern web technology and standards such as HTML5 and CSS make it easy to create intuitive HMI solutions.

The PROCON-WEB ES web-based HMI offers predefined and highly customizable control elements, a filigree user and rights management, style guides and project templates, allowing maximum scalability from simple machines up to complex multi-client systems.


Weidmüller attaches great importance to the good training of its employees. For this reason, Weidmüller GTI Software has been a certified partner of Microsoft for years. This underlines our know-how regarding the operating system environment and the Microsoft databases used. This also enables us to competently cover these topics as part of our training measures.

Microsoft Azure

The Azure Certified Device program makes the process of creating IoT solutions easier and more efficient. High-quality products that meet industry standards across a wide range of technical functions. Compatible IoT products that are guaranteed to work seamlessly on Azure. Time to deployment is reduced by quickly selecting the right products for the business needs.

Azure Certified Device status validates that our devices can be used with Azure IoT Services. For example, Azure Edge modules can be deployed from the cloud to Weidmüller u-OS devices via Azure IoT Edge.


Crosser, the leading low-code platform for Edge Analytics and Intelligent Workflows, and Weidmüller, provider of advanced IIoT & Analytics Services, have joined forces to deliver an end-to-end Machine Learning solution that empowers subject matter experts to build and deploy ML-powered use cases, without the support of data science experts.

Hosting of the Crosser Edge Node software on the Weidmüller u-OS operated hardware devices enables the use of the Crosser Edge Node software through a simple one-click installation via the u-OS APP Manager.

The combined Hardware and Software solution addresses all steps in the life cycle of ML powered use cases and will accelerate the pace of innovation for the customers.


AnyViz offers an easy way to monitor, operate and analyse machine and plant controls remotely. With the help of the AnyViz Cloud Adapter, you can turn existing controllers into IoT gateways and thus connect your plant to the AnyViz Cloud. All without complicated engineering tools and protocol configurations.

On the Weidmüller u-OS devices, such as the u-control Controller and the IoT Gateway, the AnyViz Cloud Adapter can simply be selected and installed directly via the u-OS APP Manager. This combination allows the functionality of the controller to be flexibly expanded and adapted to the specific application.

Flecs technologies

A new way to setup automation systems - and to discover solutions you will really like. FLECS offers you the world of automation with a marketplace for industrial applications. The service mesh enables all the apps to communicate and exchange data with each other.

Weidmüller benefits and complements the Flecs offering in several ways. In the Flecs Marketplace, we are represented on the device side, for example with the IoT-Gateway .

For the software, our PROCON-WEB ES is part of the ecosystem. The web-based HMI offers predefined and highly customisable controls, filligree user and rights management, style guides and project templates, maximum scalability from simple machines to complex plants.

CONTACT Software

CONTACT is a leading software provider for the product process and digital transformation. The focus is on the optimisation of manufacturing processes and the realisation of digital services around smart products.
CONTACT Elements for IoT is the platform for implementing solutions for data-driven processes with the digital twins of industrial assets quickly and cost-effectively. It is characterised, for example, by its open architecture and its low-code philosophy.

As an innovative component of CONTACT Elements for IoT, the Industrial AutoML tool complements the range of digital services. AutoML is designed specifically for application experts, so it does not require data science expertise. ML models are created with the ModelBuilder, e.g. for anomaly detection. With the ModelRuntime, these models are executed on the process level. Functionalities such as execution, configuration and update of the ModelRuntime are integrated in CONTACT Elements for IoT.