The most simple and seamless planning tool for electrical designers

The Weidmüller Configurator (WMC) is a configuration tool for seamless and secure planning of electrical systems as well as simple procurement and assembly of complete solutions.
Unlock your potential of automated production from paperless production all the way up to automatic manufacturing - in just one tool.

The Weidmüller Configurator in application

The Weidmüller Configurator in application

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WMC explained in two minutes

Take a look at how the WMC is helping Henry to fulfil his goals!

Application scenarios

Configure & ready for use

Configure your rails and enclosures and use the Fast Delivery Service to receive your configuration fully assembled.

Configure & ready for production

Configure and order the needed components directly from Weidmüller or your favourite wholesaler. Digitally derive everything you need for your paperless production.

Main features & functions

Wizards & Assistants

Quick configuration setup & automatic completion

Design complete applications within a few clicks - even without detailed product knowledge.

Finalize your solutions with supporting assistants to add cross-connectors, markers or colours and verify the faultlessness.

Wizards and automatic modes save valuable time!

E-CAD roundtrip

The complete digital planning process

Integrated interfaces allow product data and further information to be easily transferred between the WMC and all common engineering tools.

The WMC currently supports EPLAN Electric P8, Zuken E3.series, and IGE+XAO SEE Electrical.

From start to finish

Extensive support in all stages of your configuration process

Select your desired option to realize your project with the WMC.

Get support during your configuration from integrated wizards, assisting functions and customizable features. Finish your project with a safety check and download the needed documentation.

In each step of your configuration, the WMC supports you with its integrated features!

Configuration examples

Explore possibilities with the WMC

Do you want to see the WMC in action?

Explore our videos of example configurations. Learn how to create rail assemblies, how to use the Fast Delivery Service, or how to add 3rd party components.

The WMC also includes example template projects for mounting rails and enclosures. Have a look on the starting page!

Integrated products & services

More questions?

More questions?

We are happy to help!

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