From data to value: the basis for all use cases

As an enabler, we offer you components and a comprehensive modular system in the IIoT. This includes both greenfield and brownfield applications.

We cover all levels of data, from data acquisition to value creation - "from data to value". Our range of services includes hardware, software, cloud applications and the associated services.

In detail, our offering encompasses data acquisition, data pre-processing and control, data communication and data visualisation and analysis.

Overview of use cases

The easy way to webbased engineering

Use case webbased engineering

In order to keep up with the rapid developments in machinery and plant engineering, you need automation and digitalisation solutions which are not only extremely efficient but also incredibly flexible.

In addition, a wide range of potential applications such as the implementation of small, large and networked control solutions or scalable visualisation concepts are needed.

u-control – autonomous and modular

Local standalone controllers, such as the u-control web, can perform their control tasks independently and without additional devices. They offer benefits compared to central solutions in a wide range of applications: They reduce system-wide data traffic, are resistant to interferences within the network, make troubleshooting easier and are very well suited to being combined with manual processes.

Especially for this application, new flexible control concepts are required, which can be used according to the "Plug and Play" concept. As a rule, however, plants are often equipped with one and the same type of control system, usually according to specifications. On the one hand, this is practical because the same hardware and function blocks are always used. On the other hand, however, greater effort is required to keep adapting them – and sometimes only for one project.

u-control web as an open web-based controller simplifies the programming process for standalone applications. It integrates real-time automation and communication for the Internet of Things and thus forms the ideal interface between the previously separate worlds of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT).

Your Advantages

  • High flexible automation and digitalisation solution
  • Future-proof application opportunities
  • The "Security by Design" concept provide top-notch security

The easy way to remote maintenance

Use case remote maintenance

The remote maintenance of machines and plants is often complex and time-consuming. Additionally, there is also the demand for a targeted and safeguarded functional connection to the associated IT systems. For many users, these two issues make the connection of plants around the world a major obstacle.

How do you guarantee a quick and secure access to machines while also allowing for efficient management of production plants, user clients, access rights or firmware versions?

u-link – System for individually designed remote maintenance solutions

The easy way to remote maintenance or in other words: how you can easily and securely reduce your service technician interventions by up to 60%

Seamless production sits at the core of every company's operations. If production stops, due to an error for example, a quick response is required. But what if the specialist for the plant is not on site? Thanks to digitalisation, the magic words in this case are often remote maintenance. Estimates assume that up to 60% of errors can be resolved or at least supported via remote access. Not having to send out a service technician can mean savings of EUR 1,000 or more.

However, remote maintenance is not only important for analysing and correcting errors: It is also beneficial for setting up and maintaining the plant, as well as for carrying out optimisation work. Weidmüller's u-link remote access service offers a system that is easy to install, easy to configure and easy to manage – and guarantees a high level of security at all times.

Your Advantages

  • Secure remote access
  • Awide range of functions for your use cases
  • Simple operation

The easy way to machine learning

Use case Machine Learning

The use of artificial intelligence usually requires specific know-how in the field of data science. However, data science know-how alone is not enough - only the combination of data science and application knowledge provides the perfect basis for optimizing your production.

How can you bring this knowhow together and make the most out of Machine Learning for your production without years of data science training?

Industrial Automated Machine Learning Tool for machinery and plant engineering

Weidmüller has standardised and simplified the use of ML for industrial applications to such an extent that domain experts without specialist knowledge of data science can generate ML solutions themselves.

The software tool guides the user through the process of model development, which is why Weidmüller also refers to this as "guided analytics". Machine and process experts can easily create, modify and execute ML models without the support of data scientists, in order to reduce downtime and errors, optimise maintenance activities and improve product quality.

The software helps with translating and archiving the complex application knowledge into a reliable machine learning application. The experts focus on their knowledge of machine and process behaviour and link this to the ML steps running in the background.

Your Advantages

  • Transparency for your data
  • Build your own machine learning models within minutes
  • Build customer relationships and new business models