Sustainable future through efficient energy management

Intelligent measurement systems, consisting of a digital electricity meter (modern metering device) and a smart meter gateway, enable accurate recording of electricity consumption in real time. The smart meter gateways ensure efficient communication between intelligent meters and energy supply companies. The switching on and off of generators or consumers according to demand is possible with an additional control box. By precisely determining and monitoring electricity consumption, consumers can optimise their energy consumption and thus save annual costs. At the same time, these technologies contribute to the sustainable use of energy by helping to conserve resources. With our connection technology for intelligent measurement systems, smart meter systems can be easily implemented.

Seamless connection

Seamless connection

Reliable transmission of power, signals and data with consistently compatible connection technology.

High-quality technologies

High-quality technologies

All products conform to FNN and DIN-VDE 0603 standards.

Quick and easy connection

Quick and easy connection

The PUSH IN technology saves a lot of time and guarantees maximum contact reliability

Product range

Would you like to reduce energy costs and save resources? We provide you with the appropriate connection solutions for the integration of intelligent measurement systems - in conformity with standards according to FNN and DIN-VDE 0603. Our portfolio also includes colour coded connectors with PUSH IN wire connection technology, pre-assembled energy cables and patch cables with 6 kV impulse withstand voltage to supplement these solutions. We also offer power distributors for top-hat rails and for devices as well as RJ45 and RJ12 couplings for the top-hat rail.

Solutions for connection technology for energy and data transmission

PCB terminals and PCB connectors

Our connection solutions ensure safety during planning, installation and operation

  • PUSH IN or screw connection
  • Colour coded, 230 V
  • Male headers, sockets or Y-sockets

Power cables and ethernet patch cables

Customized assembly services for your cabling requirements

  • Surge voltage resistance 6 kV, protection class IP30
  • 2-pole power cable, 230 V
  • 8-pin patch cable, RJ45, Cat 5e

Power distributor (Y-distributor)

Pluggable double connection for power distribution and supply of devices

  • 2-pole, color coded
  • 230 V, IP30

Power top-hat rail distributor

Multiple energy distributor in the meter cabinet for TS 35 mounting rail

  • 2-pole, color coded
  • 230 V, IP30

RJ45 couplers

The compact DIN rail outlets for the optimal connection of patch cables

  • With dust protection cover
  • Can be snapped onto top-hat rail and counter cross
  • Compact design

Surge protection

for busbar applications

  • easy snap-on to 40 mm busbar systems
  • standard-compliant voltage taps
  • reliable protection

Smart Meter Products

Are you looking for simple connection solutions for the meter cabinet? We have the right plug-and-play solutions for you.

ConnectorGuide: Tailor-made connection technology for your smart meter system

The ConnectorGuide shows you a representative selection of products especially for smart meter applications. The overview will show you the application as you know it. Move the cursor over the markings to find out information on the connection technology for sub-assemblies and components. And it's just a few more clicks from here to your desired product.

  • Select the application
  • Select the product group
  • Order and receive the product.


We provide you with comprehensive, downloadable information about energy and data transmission. Simply download our brochure to identify the connection technology you need for your smart meter systems.

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