Our RockStar® family rocks any interface

Outside the control cabinet, tough guys are in demand. They must be resistant to electromagnetic interference, as well as impact resistant and vibration-proof. This is why you should turn to genuine RockStars when choosing your connectors. Our broad portfolio of heavy duty connectors offers the right solution for all requirements for the transmission of energy, signals, and data outside the cabinet. With the perfect composition of inserts, enclosures, and contacts, you will always hit the right notes and offer the ideal solution for every task.

Always the right connection

Always the right connection

Screw, tension spring, crimp, axial, SNAP IN connection? Or proven PUSH IN for seamless connection technology?

Hard shell, soft core

Hard shell, soft core

RockStar® IP65 EMC enclosures offer EMC protection in a non-corrosive enclosure made of die-cast aluminium.

Simple and fast configuration

Simple and fast configuration

Configure your connectors with coordinated inserts, contacts, and housings online.

Product range


  • Nine series in up to 12 sizes
  • Reliable electrical function
  • Made from high-quality insulation materials, which allow secure transmission of high voltages in a tight space

RockStar® EMC housings

  • Excellent shielding effect due to the labyrinth structure and the large contact area between the bulkhead mount and hoods
  • The ozone- and UV-resistant sealing material FPM withstands an extended temperature range from -40 to +150 °C
  • Impact-resistant, electrically conductive, and corrosion-resistant - even in seawater environments


  • Consist of a male insert, a female insert, a plug housing, a bulkhead housing and a cable gland
  • With metric or PG cable entry threads, with screw connection or PUSH IN connection
  • For common connector types all components are bundled under one article number directly from stock


Simple and fast configuration

Design the appearance of our RockStars individually according to your wishes and configure your connectors with coordinated inserts, contacts, and housings simply and conveniently online.


Perfect complements

The brand new SNAP IN connection technology!

The new SNAP IN connection technology will take your wiring processes to a whole new level. With SNAP IN, installation and maintenance work can be performed as quickly as snapping your fingers.

The new connection is as simple in principle as it is to use: the stripped conductor is inserted directly into open connection points and the snap connection snaps into place with a click.