Partnering for Progress

How You Benefit from Our Commitment to Sustainability

Topic: In the ever-evolving landscape of Smart Industrial Connectivity, sustainability isn't merely a buzzword - it is the cornerstone of progress shaping our industry's future. As distributors, your choices wield considerable influence, not only on your profitability but also on your customers and the wider society. That's why working with the right partner is essential.

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Expertise for optimised customer support

Discover our smart learning platform

Topic: Shared success based on shared knowledge: Dynamic markets demand increasingly complex products. In order to optimally prepare sales staff for the growing challenges, we have developed an extensive range of training courses.

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Maximally efficient and future-proof

SNAP IN – revolutionarily simple and available in more and more product lines

Topic: Electrical distributors often face the challenge of offering solutions to enable a significant increase in efficiency and productivity. Weidmüller's innovative SNAP IN connection technology achieves significant time and cost savings in the production process.

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Unlock the potential of digital transformation

The Industrial IoT has huge potential.

Topic: As a Weidmüller distribution partner, you can benefit by adapting and expanding your range of services accordingly. In addition to the classic component business, complementary software and services play the decisive role for success. As a strong partner, Weidmüller offers a wide range of solutions with significant added value for customers.

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Meeting growing installation requirements perfectly

Future-oriented solutions for building infrastructure from Weidmüller

Topic: Increasing demands are placed on the infrastructure of buildings all over the world. To enable distributors to meet this multitude of requirements, Weidmüller has efficient, flexible and, in particular, future-proof solutions in its range.

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Install PV systems easily, quickly and safely

With perfect support from the Weidmüller PV portfolio

Topic: Rapidly rising electricity prices and growing climate and environmental awareness have led to an explosion in demand for photovoltaic systems in recent months. IEA and Otovo assume that around 1.2 million new PV systems will be installed in Europe this year. In order to cope with the large number of new installations as quickly and efficiently as possible, Weidmüller offers its partners innovative products and solutions.

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The wiring revolution

SNAP IN - the fastest connection technology from Weidmüller

Topic: In control cabinet construction, installation work has to be carried out ever faster and more efficiently – until eventually it is automated in the future.

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Developing products from ideas

From the "digital twin" to the manufactured control cabinet

Topic: Today, increasing efficiency in control cabinet construction is only possible with the help of consistent data structures. With the Weidmüller Configurator (WMC), we provide users with an engineering tool that perfectly supports all these processes.

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Weidmüller Distribution PRO

Topic: You achieve sales success by presenting your expertise in the best possible way. The new Distribution PRO program sets Weidmüller sales partners apart from the crowd and makes them even more attractive to end customers.

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Workplace solutions

Topic: Make Workplace Solutions work for you. The systematic approach of Workplace Solutions reveals both revenue potential and the possibility of long-term customer relationships for our distribution partners. Consultative selling made simple.

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Leveraging IIoT

Topic: Understanding the Industrial IoT is like learning to speak a new language, only this one is data-driven. Weidmüller offers the easy way to the IIoT to help our distribution partners learn to speak “data” fluently and take the step from data to value.

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Managing Change

Topic: Change as a catalyst to drive distribution business and mastering ever changing market requirements with pioneering mindset, flexible portfolio and services.

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