Topic: You achieve sales success by presenting your expertise in the best possible way. The new Distribution PRO program sets Weidmüller sales partners apart from the crowd and makes them even more attractive to end customers.

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Roger Kroon
Vice President Global Distribution Management

I head the Global Distribution Management at Weidmüller and I am leading a team of dedicated distribution experts. Together, we have made it our mission to build long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with our distributors and create real value for our customers.

Professional partnership pays off

Our sales partners are the key link to our end customers. Many of them stand out from their competitors with exceptional performance and a clear profile. By doing so, they provide their customers with the security of choosing the best supplier. We at Weidmüller are supporting their efforts with products and solutions that are perfectly tailored to the various customers, industries, and markets. The power of the strong Weidmüller brand, as well as active sales support, will maximise sales success.

The performance of particularly committed distribution partners is very valuable to us. This is why we recently launched the Distribution PRO partner program. It focuses on the high professionalism of our distribution partners and makes their competence more visible to end customers. The programme includes a variety of services for our distributors. They range from product training, support in customer consulting, marketing, to advantages in ordering and purchasing goods. In the following, I would like to present the benefits of certification as a Weidmüller Distribution PRO Partner in detail.

Early information and participation

When we talk about partnership, we really mean it. We take our Distribution PRO partners into our confidence and always share our latest insights on market and technology developments with them. This way, they can find out about changes in the market at an early stage and prepare themselves optimally. In addition, PRO partners regularly receive a preview of our product innovations. The close cooperation should make it possible to jointly plan strategic goals in distribution, drive them forward in a targeted manner, and ensure optimal prospects for success.

Broad skills development and training

Competence is an important key to successful sales activities. Only competent employees are able to optimally advise, support, and win over customers. In this way, they increase customer satisfaction, improve customer loyalty, generate recommendations, and ensure more sales. We therefore offer the employees of our Distribution PRO partners a variety of free training programs to provide them with compact knowledge about products, solutions, and services. The compact training programs have been developed by experienced Weidmüller trainers. Their content is tailored to the needs of our PRO partners and can be freely accessed by all employees at any time from anywhere via their business account.

In addition to the training courses, the employees of our PRO partners are given access to best-in-class services online and offline. These include the opportunity to consult our Weidmüller experts. They provide active assistance in advising customers, developing customised solutions, and supporting sales staff. Due to this support, our PRO partners can optimally meet the constantly changing requirements of markets, industries, and end customers. They can acquire in-depth knowledge and thus learn to sell even better.

Active sales support

If you want to assert yourself on the market, you need clear differentiating features, recognisable added value, and effective communication. Certification as a Weidmüller Distribution PRO Partner is particularly well suited for this. The certification highlights the distributor from the masses and gives end users the assurance of choosing a competent, efficient, and reliable partner. To enable our partners to exploit the full potential of certification for their marketing, Weidmüller provides a comprehensive package of resources and measures for online and offline advertising.

All Weidmüller Distribution PRO partners receive a special seal to make their upgrade visible. Weidmüller uses this seal to promote certified distributors as preferred partners. Certified distributors can use it for their own advertising – both online and offline. To increase visibility for end customers, PRO partners also have access to various Weidmüller channels for self-advertising and promotions. These include, for example, Weidmüller online campaigns and joint advertising campaigns. To further optimise advertising presence of their partners, Weidmüller also provides them with free material for print and online advertising.

Qualification for entry

In order to provide real differentiation, access to the Distribution PRO partner program is reserved for selected distributors only. Distributors with strong activity and good performance are contacted directly by us and invited to participate in the program. Selection is based on various criteria such as competence, availability, reliability and much more. Participating distributors are listed as certified Distribution PRO partners and have access to all the benefits of the program. Further information on the Distribution PRO programme can be found at: here

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