PV Protect – The ready to connect all-in-one solution

PV Protect is the solution for optimum protection of the inverter against overvoltages. The ready-to-connect boxes are particularly suitable for retrofitting a surge protection into an existing installation. Depending on requirements, connection is made via WM4C connectors or cable glands with convenient and reliable PUSH IN connection technology.

The benefits at a glance



The compact design of PV Protect enables you to protect your pv system even in case space is rare.



The PV box is designed to resist extreme weather conditions for the application in exposed locations.



Thanks to the pre-assembled arresters and PUSH IN technology, the product can be connected quickly and maintenance-free.

The most innovative concept for string inverters

Wide range of product variants

PV Protect is available with different arrester classes (Type I/II and Type II) and rated voltages (1,000 V/1,500 V). The connection is made either via photovoltaic plug connectors or cable glands – for high flexibility.

Designed to meet various requirements

PV Protect is compact, robust, and extremely weatherproof. The housing complies with protection class IP67 and protects the sensitive electronics inside, even from harsh environmental influences.

Mount the box, connect the cable, done

Thanks to the pre-assembled arresters, the product can be connected quickly and with little effort. The protection of the PV system is ensured immediately. The clear marking of the ports eliminates the possibility of incorrect wiring.

Proven overvoltage protection

Our PV Protect products benefit from many years of experience and proven quality in the field of overvoltage protection.

Easy. Fast. Safe.

Easy. Fast. Safe.

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Weidmüller PV solutions for rooftop installations - our contribution and offering at a glance.

Trust in tested quality

Our laboratory ensures the highest product quality

Our laboratory is accredited in accordance with international standards. It operates independently and is recognised by institutions, registration services, and other institutions and authorities. As a member of the CTDP program, Weidmüller is regularly audited by UL, especially regarding test methods, quality management and documentation.

PV Protect combiner boxes are tested according to IEC 61439-1/2. They are designed based on the test results as well as assembled for the specific application. This ensures that each of the requirements of the target application is fully met.

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